Sun Sensitive Conditions and Arthritis

If you are someone suffering from sensitivity to the sun and have experienced adverse symptoms even during short periods of exposure to the sun then generally there is an underlying cause. Individuals that suffer from autoimmune disease such as Fibromyalgia as well as arthritis, lupus, and even those diagnosed with skin cancer have to be so careful when outside and even when driving or riding in a car, windows at the office let UVA/UVB rays shine in, and even the reflection off surfaces such as cement, glass, sand and water can really effect those that are truly sensitive to the sun.

For those that have been diagnosed and know what is causing their sensitivities, covering up with good sun clothing is imperative and also wearing one of our women’s sun precaution hats would really benefit how you feel? Covering up is the key here since sunscreens don’t really help under these health conditions. If you notice you don’t feel well after being out in the sun for even short periods; then you might want to see your Doctor.  In past blogs I have mentioned how the sun effects those with rosacea and melasma but was recently asked about Arthritis-this is what I found. Since I do not suffer from arthritis I have referred to other sources for you to read concerning arthritis and the sun.

I always enjoy receiving new insights so please share any updates about sun precaution with us that you may have. In the meantime remember Escaping The Sun In Style is easy when wearing your ETSIS Hat.

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2 Responses to Sun Sensitive Conditions and Arthritis

  1. deeneurSe says:

    I basically knew about most of this, but with that in mind, I still considered it had been practical. Great post!

  2. Jennifer E. says:

    I honestly never knew sunlight could affect arthritis symptoms. Very interesting concept.

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