Immunocologie Treatment: Crème VenoMax

Ok, I can’t even pronounce it, so my curiosity made me read a little more info before I tried it. The main ingredient comes from snake venom!. Some actions of snake venom are poisonous of course but I guess other actions can promote healthy skin-I wasn’t sure what to make of that. Crème VenoMax utilizes natural plant extracts to mimic polypeptides in snake- venom, which are suppose to relax fine lines and wrinkles instantly. This patent pending formula also elevates hyaluronic acid levels to boost hydration and really did make my skin glow! Although my assistant mentioned that it did make her breakout I think it is definitely a new product to look into.

I have to admit that at first I was a little nervous to try this product, so as with any of my New Beauty Test Tube lotions and potions I tried it on the inside of my arm first.  After doing a little reading, I discovered that Crème Venoxmax  was created by the well-known Immunocologie formulator Manzoor Jaffery. He was the first to use alphahydroxy and holds the patent for it as well.  He is also known for the superior unique fermentation process that ensures efficacy in all his formulas. This boosted my confidence in the products claims.  I tried on my neck and décolletage and did so for two weeks and have to admit that my chest and lines on my neck were not as noticeable. I am anxious to try this product on my face, but I am currently testing another product; as soon as I finish I am going to try Crème VenoMax on my face and will share my results at that time. Has anyone else tried this product? If so we would love to hear from you.

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