Lumene- Sensitive Touch SOS Cream – Review

Since we live in Hawaii most people think that we do not get chapped, dry, cracked skin since we obviously do not have cold winter weather. But even in beautiful Hawaii we experience dry, cracked and rough skin and my husband is always complaining about what works and what he likes or dislikes.  Like most men he doesn’t want anything that smells like lavender or a fruit, he just wants something for his hands, elbows, and feet that is not greasy and really works. So when I got my New Beauty Test Tube Kit this month and saw the Lumene sample I had him give it a try on his heels. The first remark is that it was not greasy and was absorbed right away and the second was that it was unscented. Since the sample was so small he asked me the next day if I could get him more of the SOS Cream…I think he likes it and when I asked if he would recommend it he said “sure.” Later that day I felt the skin on his heels and they felt very smooth and soft. So, I decided to give it a try on my elbows and was amazed that with in one hour my skin felt like silk! In the past when I have traveled to places such as Vegas my hands get chapped right away; this is one product I will be taking with me when I travel!


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