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“Aloha from Hawaii! I now have two hats made by ETSIS. As I am becoming older and more aware of skin cancer and how damaging the sun can be, the ETSIS products are a guarantee for prevention. They offer a beautiful selection of Hats and Panels for almost every activity and occasion!The best part of it all is I can stay updated and educated on the care of my skin on ETSIS website.I recently started using the sunscreen recommended by ETSIS.LA ROCHE-POSA / ANTHELIOS SX.  Its working for me! Try it!”

- Loreen Lynch, HALE HALE HOME, LLC, Bali Furnishings with Style!
Interior Sourcing and Staging Services, Honolulu, Hi

“I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! I’ve been attaching handkerchiefs to my hats for running for years. Expecting a lot of calls from my friends Thanks!”

- Mary Jo Rouse –Retired- Honolulu, HI

“I’m happy to endorse this product. Finally a solution for all my clients with sensitive and severe skin conditions. Thanks ETSIS your hats have empowered and changed my clients outlook on life.”

– Dr. Kevin Mott, Hawaii Skin Cancer Center

“Even on a cloudy Day in Seattle I wear my ETSIS hat to protect me from harmful UVA rays and cool temperatures what a perfect lifestyle solution Clinical Merges with Fashion when it comes to sun pre-caution. Looking forward to more fun hats”

- Cienna Madrid, Seattle, Washington

“I was in Oahu last May 2011 and it was beautiful like I had remembered from many years prior… Years before I developed Vitiligo. For the past 8 years I have been wearing protective clothing, hats, and using SPF parasols. Last May was the first time I had to cover myself from head to ankles while visiting Hawaii. It was only at night I could be like everyone else and soak in the warmth of the islands. It’s somewhat odd to cover up on the beach in “sport” SPF clothing and Sun hat, but it’s a must.

I wish I knew of your company back then. At least looking cute while covered up on a beach of sun bathing bodies wouldn’t be so bad…

…I look forward to wearing the ETSIS hats and wrapping the panels around my neck. Of my face and neck area, my neck gives away that I have vitiligo because my natural color easily tans when wearing my other hats… The panels will help keep my freckles from darkening and showing the contrast…

Keep following your company’s mission and concept. You’re making a difference.

Thank you and God bless. Let the journey continue.”

- Trisha, Los Angeles, California

“I have been using my GolfEscape hat for more than a month now. I use it primarily for biking, hiking and stand up paddle boarding. It has seen a lot of activity and wear. I appreciate how well made this hat is, it has retained it shape and does not give me hat hair. I do look like an 80s movie star wearing it, and I totally love the look. There is no other way I would do all these activities in Arizona summer without a sun burn. I started using Retin-A in the night, now that I know I am protected from the sun [during the day with my ETSIS Hat]. I would recommend [an ETSIS hat] to anyone considering buying one.”

- Devi Archana, Tempe, Arizona

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